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Founded in 2021, Triangle Woman Gallery is located two blocks west of NW 23rd Ave
(Portland's best known shopping street).
We specialize in quirky, bizarre, fun art.

Meet Our Artists

Chris Rentzel

Encaustic / Mixed Media

The proprietor of Triangle Woman Gallery, Chris lives in Portland, Oregon and moved from Dallas, Texas 13 years ago. He enjoys cultivating an environment to display his fun, quirky work. His paintings consist of encaustic with other mixed media featuring his cartoon character, Triangle Woman, and her strange quotes.

Heidi Stinson

Oil Painting

Heidi was born in Portland, Oregon and created her first oil painting in high school, then started painting in earnest 10 years later. Contributing to her last 40 years of inspiration: college art classes, a mother who painted, and many other encouraging friends and strangers. She has shown her art at many locations around the city and lives in Oak Grove, Oregon with her husband Steve and has a daughter Katy and son Pete.

Our Exhibitions

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Gallery Opening

Opening late spring/early summer 2021

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The Viewing Room

Will update as we open, and as time moves forward.

About Us

Triangle Woman Gallery presents quirky, bizarre, fun art.

The gallery's mission is to encourage the absurd, colored with humor, and to inspire an appreciation for bizarre art and perspectives.

Triangle Woman Gallery is best experienced in person.

Triangle Woman says that because of you, she now has a great following. She's forever grateful to be able to voice to you what she's been so trying to convey to the world but hasn't been able to until now.


She knows just how hard it was back in her school days
when she was trying so hard to come out of her shell.
How disturbing it must have been for her teachers.
How frustrating for her not to be able to talk about it.


But now her time has come! Now she can say those words that Triangle Woman has been saying in her thoughts all
these years.


Now you are free Triangle Woman!

Speak! Yes, speak your words of wisdom.


2534 NW Thurman St, Portland, OR 97210


Triangle Woman Gallery

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